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January 16-17 / 23-24

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€ 160

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Terms and conditions: 


  • Visa for entry to the country (If necessary).
  • Internal transportation according to the festival's activities schedule.
  • Entrance to the festival areas.
  • License card for photography and video.
  • Advice and assistance in the planning of your trip.
  • Basic medical assistance

not included

  • Trip tickets to the country.
  • Food and hotel.
  • Private transportation
  • Advanced coverage medical insurance.


Refunds are only accepted, before visa approval, if your visa is already in process, it will not be possible to refund your money.

Taking into account the tax charged by paypal of 5% for each transaction, in case of requesting a refund of the money, this tax will be discounted from the total payment of the registration, which would mean 10% less in the value paid initially.

Internal Transportation

As a visitor, you can count on internal transport from the hotel to the place of the festival, and the other places according to the activities programmed during the 4 days of the festival.

According to the lodging plan, each hotel offers the option of breakfast, and dinner included in the travel package. During the activities, and according to the place, visitors will have the option to buy food and drinks, according to the recommendations and suggestions of the festival’s logistics team.

Visitors are advised to administer the required vaccinations four to six weeks before traveling. Please note that the vaccination certificate against yellow fever begins to be valid only 10 days after you have been vaccinated, and you may be asked at the airport before the trip.
To avoid health problems, we suggest the use of repellents during your stay in the country, likewise recommend the use of appropriate clothing for tropical areas.
For your safety, it is advised that the consumption of food and beverages, as well as tours, excursions and other trips are within the program of activities of the festival, and the areas and spaces suggested by the logistics team.

Terms and Conditions
The Festival is an outdoor event. If work is impossible due to bad weather, the organization can cancel that day. The contest can be transferred the next day, or there will only be one valuation in the main contests. The organization of the festival will do everything possible to continue with the program as planned.
The internal transport included for visitors and artists, will provide their door-to-door service according to the schedule established in the program of activities. In case of using the public transport service, the visitor is responsible for the cost and its security.
The visitor must accept and commit to comply with the terms and conditions regarding the rules and policies of the country, as well as compliance with the schedules mentioned in the programming of the activities.
In case of non-compliance with the rules of the country, the visitor assumes all responsibility for any incident caused by inside or outside the program of activities of the festival.

This festival is organized by the CTR company in alliance with cf & loraart
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