Our story

Our History ... A love story

The proposal of our festival is presented by the Israeli businessman Ehud Cohen, civil engineer and director of the firm CRT.

One day as usual before beginning his day, at 5AM Ehud Cohen walked the beaches of Telaviv and suddenly he found the woman who would change his life and bring a new world for him, full of music, poetry, colors and a lot of passionate people who would become a great family.

From civil engineering to art ...
... The contrast of two worlds united by love.

While Ehud was developing civil engineering projects in Equatorial Guinea, Lora accompanied him on his trips; She continued to explore her talents, creating art and little by little her worlds were connected. Influenced by her great love for Lora, Ehud began to know the different forms of art, from music to body painting, participating in different events world level and making new friends who shared the same passion, and among them, Miguel Angel Guapacha, a Colombian artist who besides being one of the painting instructors for Lora, would also have a place in the history of this festival.

After a couple of years between bodypaint brushes and watercolors, Ehud and Lora decided to invite some of their artist friends to share talents in Equatorial Guinea. There they had the opportunity to exhibit their art to surprise the community of Malabo, and plant the seed of curiosity about what this could become in the future.

The birth of an inspiring movement.

Finally in 2018 the proposal of a bodypaint festival is presented to the government of Equatorial Guinea as a strategy to promote tourism in the country, and while Lora and Miguel were preparing for their debut in the international bodypaint competition in Korea, Ehud and his team of engineers, including Luis Rodriguez, Daniel Brito, and David Hoyos, were still preparing the ground to make this festival possible.

And so in January 2019 the first Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival was launched, to show how a small seed born of passion, ends up becoming a movement that inspires people to discover their talents. In less than 2 months since its launch, this festival has reached more than 60,000 people around the world, being the center of attention of reporters and bloggers who have felt identified with the cause.

Our team

A movement is born, when people are inspired by a vision to move.

Ehud Cohen & Lora Tulchinski / Israel

Art Director:
Miguel Angel Guapacha / Colombia

Carolina Cruz / Colombia

CRT Team
Daniel Brito / Brasil

Luis Rodriguez / Colombia
David Hoyos / Colombia

Social Media Team:
Community Manager: Jasmina Jacinto / Colombia
Webmaster: Mario Fernando Romero / Colombia

Thanks to all the visionaries who have given us their help and little by little have joined our cause.

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