our vision


General Concept

For art and adventure lovers that seek to open their minds to innovative experiences, an event is born that will undoubtedly attract the attention of the entire world, with an offer of unique activities, aimed at the select group of hikers who will visit the wonderful country of Equatorial Guinea, one of the most unexplored places in the world, to live its culture and its nature. An exciting trip where visitors can participate in a diverse program, which will include bodypaint shows, music, themed tours, an ecological tour around the beaches and the island’s forests, and of course, the experience of being able to share with the community of Malabo. The best Body Paint artists worldwide will be sharing their techniques with the visiting public, inspiring children, youth and adults to explore their talents, with a spectacular show full of magic and color, workshops and other activities will also be offered.

OUR visiOn

Because our success as human beings, does not come from the fame we gain at the end, but from the lives that we impact on the way, and that is the goal of this project… Impact lives.



Imagine a world where we can wake up inspired to work on something we love, where our family and friends have the opportunity to explore their talents and be valued for it. More than a festival, we are a movement to inspire you to discover your skills, and show them with pride, feeling fulfilled knowing that you are also inspiring others to explore their talents.

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