The opportunity to inspire others to explore their talents

Artists who want to exhibit their works in the program of activities and official presentations of the festival, may do so in spaces intended for this purpose, which will be awarded only to those registered in the list of pre-selected artists.


  • The exhibiting artists will have their credits in all the publicity material of the festival worldwide.
  • Professional record of high resolution photography.
  • Custom video for use in social networks.
  • Priority in the workshops registration.

keep in mind

  • The limit of artists for each day of presentations may vary according to the festival's schedule, and the selection of exhibitors will be based on the photographs of their work that must be sent at the time of registration.
  • Registration as an artist must be done in the festival registration form, bearing in mind that it will only be valid upon receipt of the confirmation email with the participant code.

The festival provides:

  • Local model according to the needs of the artist and the availability of the staff.
  • Thong for the model
  • Work space under shade, with table and chairs, and electrical outlet for 220v devices
  • Snack for artist and model.
  • Medical assistance in case of emergency.

Not included:

  • Materials such as paints, damp cloths, glitter or other application products.
  • Herramientas como pinceles, y esponjas.
  • Accessories like shoes, or headdresses

Terms and Conditions

  • Not being a competition, we will not have categories based on techniques, therefore artists can use any technique, according to their experience and available materials.
  • The artist may paint in the company of an assistant during the time allotted.
  • The model must be older than 18 years.
  • For the health of the models, the artists must use special products for the skin, or else they will be sanctioned.
  • You can use any brand of bodypainting products, as well as all accessories and special effects.
  • It is a requirement to cover the genitals of the models, this can be done through the use of thongs or accessories.
  • It is not mandatory to cover the nipples, but it is recommended to do it for a better use of photographic and video material in social networks.
  • The models have to sign a form at the information stand before the start of the festival to allow the use of photos, videos and recordings.
  • The artist also has to sign a form allowing the use of photos and videos of his work.
  • The festival reserves the rights over photographs and audiovisual material, for advertising purposes.
  • The artists must comply with the schedules according to the program of activities, or else we can not guarantee their place in the presentation of the stage, and their appearance in the official photographs and videos of the festival will not be guaranteed either.
  • The artist is the only one responsible for their materials and tools, therefore it is recommended that you work as a team with an assistant to help you collect the tools and be on time for transportation to the hotel.